Sunday, October 26, 2014

Wish you all a very happy new year 2014!

I had good fun being at MG road, Bangalore at mid night 00:00 with @karthi_govind and Kadiyala Aditya.

Fine lets come to the topic, as usual I did list down few of the habits and skills i would like to cultivate this year. After deep thoughts put in, I decided to start writing my personal blog this year.
Mind voice: Okay man cool! but what’s new?
Me: How could host a blog without paying to web server?
Mind voice: Come on man! you proclaim as the so called open source “solutions consultant”, solve this now!
Me: I had four options to choose, Tumblr, Blogger or Github.

  1. Wordpress : Nope! I did not like the way force display ads on our blog post when its a free package.
  2. Tumblr: Nope again! Felt awesome for personal blogging but still was not happy as i would end up on a Yahoo product.
  3. Blogger: Nope please! I do not want it to happen as Google Reader (My favorite RSS reader).
  4. Github: Yeah cool! Having prior experience in hosting my website using Github Pages, felt okay let me give a try.
Then found out Jekyll is the best static website generation for Github Pages.
Mind voice: Hey hold on, its on Ruby man! Ha ha you never wrote a “hello world” other than LAMP :D
Me: So what! let me give a try. I have @kjaikeerthi who is an expert in RoR. He is just a dial away.
Some time back Vaibhav Rajput said on a facebook comment there exist a blogging framework for Github Pages called OctoPress
Meanwhile I also recollected @ArnDvd published his blog post in Github using Jekyll.
Finally decided to go with Octopress as its a blogging framework for hackers and could be deployed on Github Pages for free.
Mind voice: I don’t know why you are writing so technical when you have and you said this is your personal blog.
Me: Oh yeah! let me not delete the above just go ahead writing why I choose blogging as new year resolution?
Basically for five reasons
  • Writing personal dairy are out dated; so practice personal blogging
  • Improve my writing skills
  • Open up, Express and exchange
  • Add new technology (Ruby) to my skill set
  • Test drive on SEO and SMO
  • Increase page ranking for my website
What do you feel about my this year resolution? please let me know below via comments.

Note: Github Pull request welcome!

Oct 26, 2014: Moved my blog to blogger as i was feeling lazy to keep the github repo in local and write articles. Meanwhile felt it would help in SEO much better.

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