Sunday, October 26, 2014

With my personal and professional experience and from my peer network recently i understood the importance of saying NO.
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Mind voice: Are you kidding me by teaching to simply say NO?
Me: Saying NO is not that easy.

Why should you STOP saying YES?

  • When you want to focus on some thing then the first challenge is to boldly say NO to other things.
  • By saying YES, you are allowing others to start building an expectation from your end.
  • “Learn to say “NO”. If someone asks for your help and you don’t have the time or energy, be honest and admit you can’t offer your assistance at the moment. It can be hard to turn requests down (especially from those close to you), but the more you pile on your plate, the less productive you’ll be – and the more stressed out you’ll become.
  • More than anything some times your silence is also taken as YES often, so be bold enough to say NO.
  • If you say YES to everything; people will think you have lot of free time than them.
  • If you are used to say YES then you may loose control of what you are focusing on.
  • Don’t say YES just because others are nodding their head, you always need to think deeply.
Mind voice: Okay ok, But what is that big slap in the title of this post?
Me: Oh ya, let me brief it too.

The Big Slap

  • When I was not aware of start-up ecosystem I said YES to regular 9-6 job.
  • I also was unable to say NO because i said YES to all the challenges given to me.
  • After two years I understood, I was kept busy because i started to say YES to everything.
  • When one day I looked back I found I’m moving slow and my track is already diverted.
  • Just because my parents wanted me to learn by working, i witnessed that salary is an addiction. Once you started enjoying money getting credited to your account every month you will start getting adopted by compromising yourself. (Mrs. Iswarya Shakthi Sis, I acknowledge it now)
  • I then realize this is not my cup of tea.
The costliest learning by investing nearly three years of my youth energy is STOP saying YES to everything.
Mind voice: My HR team or my boss should not send me a memo for the below picture.
Me: No way man, you have a note below ;)

Note: All the above are my personal view it does not have any relationship with any of the organization, company or person in particular.

If you also feel one need to STOP saying YES to everything, please share the reason in comment’s section below.

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