Sunday, October 26, 2014

Being first generation entrepreneur is not that easy, there is always a fight between your thought and heart, common sense and business sense.

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The first comfort zone we break as an entrepreneur is accepting to take risk on our own. Yes, I do agree but that's just the beginning. It took nearly six months for me to understand the importance of coming out of my comfort zones.

Some of the comfort zone which i had came out are,
  • Starting up on a very new domain in my life (Recruitment)
  • Taking up a role that I always wish not to be in (Sales and marketing)
  • Compromising on living an upper middle class lifestyle
  • Travelling on most affordable mode of travel
  • Skip unnecessary spending
  • Moving from boss attitude to leader attitude (teach your team hands-on)
Mind voice: Why should I come out of comfort zone?
Bootstrapping a start-up is not that smooth process. All your contacts who used to listen to you when you were with a title "xyz" will not expect you to listen to them now. It could be easy for an outsider to think you are living on your own world and comfortable but the reality is totally different.

It's important to unlearn all those corporate things you learnt and the comfort zone we lived. The best way in start-up is to DIY (Do-It-Yourself) model which required you to break your comfort zone and do even the plumbing work for your start-up.
"The crying baby gets the milk" 
Let me know the comfort zones you had broken so far.

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