Saturday, May 9, 2015

The one important lesson I learnt during last three months is quick decision making during the startup days.
One think you may be super courageous during your start-up days are taking decisions. That too being at the management role in your start-up means you are responsible for both success and failure. We would always want things to go in a success route but going forward I understood that more than just success it's more about how you handle failures.

At the early days since we don't have much of people in our team, it would eventually fall under my roles and responsibility to take decisions from picking logo to which investor to date. I had at times spent a lot of nights thinking about taking the final call on execution. I would like to admit saying spending sleepless nights and taking decisions comes with a biased feeling to make it work in some way. But after course of time and exploring things I had figured out that taking decisions are critical sometimes even mission critical but what is more important is taking quick decisions. As times it had happened that though we have taken decisions it had already passed the critical stage and it's of no use.

Having someone during your decision-making, thinking that he/she would help you in guiding you is a complete waste of time. Decisions come with no warranty. Only guarantee that we should give to you is I will decide fast and carry on hence I could save time on taking another decision. Just spending time on taking decisions is the worst ever time I had wasted in startup days.

That too people who kick out regular software company lifestyle and step forward to believe on the power of idea and willingness to startup is having just one advantage and it is TIME. Some decisions should have been predefined.

I would recommend take only few decisions and make it quick. Let your team decide on taking decision too, allow them to take responsibilities just support it. When we move forward spend time on only critical decisions and allow others in team to take the minor ones. If you think that there is someone who can't decide on his own in your team that's a hint to you saying you gotta waste time to wear his hat everytime he needs to take the call.

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If there is someone or something stopping you from taking the decisions please stay away from him/her/it. Learn to accept your decisions cannot be outsourced. Decisions are not based on rocket science or some math, it's personalized and it's just you who can think on it with your emotions and empathy. Take advises to your brain but decide based on your intuition.

Mind voice: Aren't you talking too much of Me/I?
Me: May be, but I decided to talk about it, even if my decision is wrong here, I took it quick to write this post.
Mind voice: Oh! So all the draft blog posts you have are since you decided not to publish?
Me: Yeah, many a times I had wrote posts but had not decided to publish because was taking time and waste time just note taking the final call.
Mind voice: So, Why suddenly today? Anything special?
Me: ;)

What is the fastest decision you had taken and how have it helped you? Please share it on the comment section.

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