Sunday, October 26, 2014

One of the best practice which most of our education system doesn’t teach us is the importance of unlearning the assumptions we carry.
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Mind voice: Are you a Yoda fan?
Me: Nope, I came to know Yoda is a fictional character in the Star Wars just today.
Mind voice: Don’t say me you never watched Star Wars?
Me: I swear, I didn’t yet. Used above banner as it match with my blog topic.
Over the recent days, I come to a validated result that all our assumptions stop us from thinking beyond. We always underestimate most things saying “c’mon! I knew how this works, so this won’t fit”. This is a pure laziness to unlearn our assumption.

People use to say that we are not using our brain to the extent we could. But the fact is we are unable to learn beyond certain point due to the assumptions that had created by the things we had learn so far. It’s not just enough to keep us up-to date with all that we need to learn, it’s equally important to unlearn certain things which are unnecessary.
Mind voice: Given me an example, let me see if unlearning is worth it.
Me: Okay, let me try

Why do I say unlearning is so important?

From my previous experience, I strongly believe that change is the only thing which is constant in this super fast world. If you still keep remembering unnecessary sad memories it would be your first enemy to pull your leg. Just unlearn your worries to start learn more on shaping your life much happier than before.

You would have seen many of your friends changed after few years. Your distance increases and the wave length mismatch, finally you end up getting used to his/her new life. Knowingly or unknowingly we unlearn our previous assumptions on our friends and get ready to accept the change. This seems to be a default human behavior but the fact is when you realize that unlearning is much important to learn again, we take life easy.
Mind voice: Are you trying to say “just forget” the past?
Me: For sure, NO. You need to learn lesson from your experience at the same time unlearn only the assumptions you have made.
Mind voice: You are really complicating this man. Say me clearly.
Me: Okay, Just unlearn what were i said before. Learn from lessons; unlearn your assumptions. Clear now?
All the miracles and impossibles are made possible just because someone unlearn what we all learnt. He/She had unlearnt their learning to make sure they make us learn something new.

Do you agree with “learn to unlearn” is important and it’s mandatory in this changing ecosystem?

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