Sunday, October 26, 2014

The greatest lesson I learned last year during building MVP for my upcoming start-up is “Don’t improve by adding features, improve by solving problems”.

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Right from my college days i use to spend more time in developing products rather than in regular academics. As my favorite quote says,
“Unlearn regular process to innovate!”
I kept myself out from wasting four years of engineering just by studying age old books and started to follow start-ups and how to build an internet company?.

Last year i got an idea and found that there is no unique player in the market to solve the problem. So, started working to gather more information on it and decided to reconnect with our tinywall team to build a web based product to solve the problem.

We gathered together, discussed a lot and decided on technologies to build the product. The team was so eager and enthusiastic. We listed down all the features and commit into GitHub was regular. Within two months the so called MVP was ready to show to investors on our development URL.

With lot of energy and excitement we did meet some of the angel investors in Bangalore. Almost all the investors showed interest on the idea but consider the fact we did not have the domain knowledge on the product and this is not a fully technology based start-up they asked us to come back after we have few customers.

The investors are least bothered about what are the features you have build until the product have a paying customer on-board. The core focus for them is what is the problem? and does the MVP methodology adopted by us will solve the core problem.

This is when i came across a tweet, which really asked me,
Now we are building the product with more focus to address the solution rather than concentrating on the features list.

My mission for 2014 is to start-up and cultivate entrepreneurship.

If you are an entrepreneur, an investor or a well wisher please let me know your tips in comments section below.

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