Friday, February 12, 2016

Do you want to be heard and experiment who you are? My kind advice will be just run away from your hometown for at-least first five years in your career.

We all love to get our job in our own hometown. Just get our paycheque so we know how and were to spend on our hometown. Also it comes with more comfort as our parents have built a beautiful house and pack a home food for lunch.

But when it comes to first five years of your career just move away from your hometown. When you are in your hometown your imaginations are limited and opportunity to do mistakes are very less. Always failures teaches us more than success. Just travel across, live in a new place, explore new culture, challenge your ideas and thought, give your thinking a life and present yourself in the crowd.

Mind voice: You don't make sense, aren't we getting opportunity to do the same in hometown jobs?
Me: May be we are but it's not you as an individual, you are more than that which is yet to be explored
Mind voice: Seems like you are speaking something biased, since you got your first job away from hometown.
Me: May be so, but not exactly. I discovered my first strength when i landed on first job myself without fear based on talent and without asking help of my dad recommending me for a job.

You will have more freedom to think and also more time for yourself. The more you spend time with yourself, alone makes you an individual. You would be seen as a man of ideas rather than a kid in your locality, friend and family. No matter what you do they still see you as a kid and that's not what your life needs at the age of 20-25. Every step that you decide on your own will teach you a lot about improving your decision making skill.

Doing stuffs from our own hometown is like playing a cricket match with fence, You need to hit boundaries and hear the crowd cheering you. It's like visiting zoo vs getting into adventure trip, you can't be visiting zoo in school, college and after marriage need to experience the real forest adventure trip too. Just hearing "people will be so good or bad" won't help, get along with new community understand by living one among them.

Let it be going out to a cinema hall, finding a safe route, booking a hotel, deciding your menu in a restaurant and even choosing a place for you to date. All these small decisions you will need to take yourself in new town and to do it better by nature you will surf a lot, talk to your neighbour and start understanding the reality of life. In the mean time you will fail miserably, start beleiving on your intuition and get the framework of living by default and gain knowledge.

At end of the day you are no more recognized as son of someone, instead you have created your visibility as somebody in this world which will make your parents proud.

Ofcourse you can return to your hometown after few years and avoid brain drain or build something to make your city proud and improve the city as you wish. Stay with you parents and take care of them.

Let me know if you were in hometown or moved to a new place during initial days of your career and what did it teach you new things in life. 

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