Friday, November 7, 2014

Maintaining to-do list is one of the must have practise for a productive daily work.
My to-do list on Nov 6, 2014
We all think that we are super intelligent and can store our to-do's on our mind and recollect it much faster. I was also a victim of this thought for past years. As we all love to be organised in a smarter way i tried almost 20+ to-do list software both on desktop and mobile. It eventually added a new to-do task "add to-do to to-do list manager" but did not work out the way i expected.

I often use the sticky notes on my Windows 8 to write short notes and this is how it looked late.

Oops! That's not motivating me to remove any to-do task from the list, it was only growing and i could not see much improvement. I thought this is eco-friendly and would help me look at it any time and of course it was available to me at ease but did not meet the purpose. I mean did not help me much on finishing the to-do list.

It was by accident i noted Mr. Ranjith B Nambiar (My manager is previous job) was using his pen and paper note to list down his tasks every day and strike out tasks one-by-one after finishing it. First i looked at it and suggested him to use a web based tool to manage to-do but he said he is fine with it. I thought it was waste of pen and paper in this modern world.

After few days I was tempted to try this to-do list management using pen and paper, started my day with listing down my pending tasks and scheduled work. It was a long list and i found though i felt everything was on my mind, when listed on paper the list was long i realised lot to do for the day. Prioritised the list and was working one by one, struck the finished tasks. By end of the day i felt much satisfied for spending valuable time really working on the tasks rather than wasting time on remembering the to-do tasks.

The most happiest feeling was when I stick the finished tasks one after the other. When I flip back, it also helps me to see if there is any task pending for more than days. This is the moment i felt "Piece of paper brings peace of mind".

From then, I started practising to maintain my to-do list on a book with date and flip through to see backlogs. On practising this process, I also included how i spent the day and on which task with time taken, before leaving office on a corner of the page.

This is some thing i learnt and now this helps me feel good to go to bed without worrying about any to-do task to be missed.

How do you maintain your to-do and which works best for you? Please share it on the comment section,


My to do list - still pen and paper since my school days. When it comes to writing rather than typing, there is no substitute to the flexibility, ease, effectiveness and satisfaction. I strongly believe writing something by my hands directly imprints on my brain.